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His Every Kiss
by Laura Lee Guhrke
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2004 (2004)

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Dylan Moore is a gifted composer and musical genius, the toast of London society. A riding accident changes all that. The resultant head injury leaves him with an incessant ringing in his ears. Months pass and no doctor has found a cure. Dylan is slowly going mad. He believes that suicide is his only recourse, but on his way to do the deed he encounters a beautiful violin playing char woman who convinces him otherwise. It isn't until the mystery woman disappears into the shadows that he realizes she had calmed the noisy beast ringing in his head.

Though he moves heaven and earth to find her, five years pass before they cross paths again. Her name is Grace Cheval and she's disgraced and destitute. Having just found out he's a father, Dylan decides to hire Grace as governess to his eight year old daughter, Isabel. At first Grace declines, aware that the infamous Dylan Moore is looking for much more than a teacher for his child. As his offers become more and more lucrative, Grace decides she would be foolish to refuse. Her skepticism about her teaching abilities disappear after she and the precocious Isobel reach a truce, and once Grace discovers how insecure the child truly is. Isobel's father also seeks Grace's attentions, if only to prove to her that she truly is the key to getting his life and his muse back in order. But Grace knows that falling in love with a man like Dylan Moore would surely destroy what's left of her heart.

Laura Lee Guhrke pens another engaging and enjoyable historical romance. She takes a bit of a risk in Dylan's dark, reckless and often selfish characterization; he's a man used to getting his way in all things, including making Grace his. Having already suffered the charms of one self-destructive, self-absorbed artist, Grace can't believe that fate has decreed she fall in love with another man of such hair-trigger temperament. This twist of fate gives His Every Kiss just the right tone and conflict, making it another very satisfying love story.

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