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Highland Princess    by Amanda Scott order for
Highland Princess
by Amanda Scott
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2004 (2004)

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* * *   Reviewed by Rashmi Srinivas

When a local woman is killed and a friend of hers stands accused of the ghastly deed, Lady Mairi Macdonald, daughter of the Lord of the Isles, fearlessly rushes to his aid. In doing so, she captures the attention of Lachlan 'The Wily' Maclean, renowned for his comprehensive intelligence-gathering network.

Intrigued by her logical defense, amused by her spirit and enthralled by her beauty, Lachlan resolves to have her for his bride. Though Mairi is at first irked by this teasing man, gradually passion soars between them - but there are obstacles in the path of their union. Firstly, Mairi is betrothed to a member of the Royal Stewart family and secondly, her father's second-in-command, Niall Mackinnon watches over her every move with a hawk's eye - Lachlan wonders whether it's out of fatherly benevolence or a lover's possessiveness. But unease is rippling through the waters of the Isles, loyalties being tested and sides chosen as trouble brews. Soon the lovers are caught up in a bitter conflict. What will happen to them?

Amanda Scott is known for historicals rich in Scottish history and lore. But romance remains the central theme and the love story between Mairi and Lachlan will surely keep readers on their toes, such is the vitality and suspense in their turbulent relationship. Passion, danger and even a murder mystery, are intertwined to create constant intrigue to enthrall readers. Entertainment and authentic period details are packaged seductively into an irresistible read.

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