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Ring Around My Heart    by Pat White order for
Ring Around My Heart
by Pat White
Order:  USA  Can
Love Spell, 2004 (2004)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Last year Pat White brought romance into the professional wrestling ring in her light-hearted and often zany Got a Hold On You. In her latest, Ring Around My Heart, she heads back into the squared circle to follow the trials and tribulations of single mom, Alexandra Hayes, a publicist whose first client, BAM ('the Maulers and Brawlers Wrestling Promotion company'), is paying her big bucks to create a more 'family oriented' image for their franchise.

Lover Boy Luke Silver is Alex's first priority; his ridiculous silver costume with the pink heart stamped on the butt has to go, as does his 'womanizing' image. Alex knows it's going to be a tough sell but she has every intention of turning wrestling's biggest 'heel' into the profession's most dashing hero. Luke wants no part of his boss's sudden make-over scheme. His Lover Boy Luke Silver persona has been 'big and bad' for years and he isn't about to step out of character now. Playing the the heel is too lucrative, especially since Luke's supporting the wife and kids of his best friend and colleague who died in the ring.

Refusing to come round to Alex's way of thinking is close to impossible once Luke discovers that his make-over guru is none other than his former childhood sweetheart. Luke was totally in love with Alex then, and now, after only a few minutes in her company, she's stolen his heart all over again. But with his dark past and his unreliable profession, Luke knows he'll never be good enough for the girl of his dreams.

Once again Pat White steals the show with an engaging, often hilarious story. Alex and Luke are true-to-life characters who are given the chance to rekindle an old friendship and find love, despite a few bumps along the road. Realistic 'grappling' scenes, great secondary characters, and wonderfully poignant moments make Ring Around Your Heart well worth the price of admission.

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