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Crown Jewel    by Fern Michaels order for
Crown Jewel
by Fern Michaels
Order:  USA  Can
Atria, 2003 (2003)
* * *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Ricky Lam is a movie star with incredible wealth, adoring fans and a drug and alcohol problem that he overcame with the help of his older brother, Philip. Philip talked him into entering a rehabilitation center, a move that saved Ricky's life. Ricky always had the good life on the surface, but deep down he craved the love of a close family.

Fifteen years have passed since the dark days of Ricky's addiction, but the brothers cannot seem to reclaim the bond of brotherly love. They have a strained business relationship, but Ricky longs for the closeness of long ago, that can only come with Philip's forgiveness. When tragedy strikes, ripping away Ricky's chance at happiness, he turns his back on Hollywood and focuses his attentions on his two illegitimate sons. He vows to make up the lost years to them and become a good father. He is also left to deal with his brother's secrets, and lies that shock his inner being. Philip was not the person that Ricky believed him to be. Ricky latches onto Philip's wife, Roxy, who's bitter about being cut out of his will. Together they try to discover what made Philip tick, and they decide to continue with his dream of a family resort.

Fern Michaels has a knack of whipping up characters into people that the reader would love to have as family members and friends, and Crown Jewel's personalities develop quickly into individuals whom you want to see happy. I recommend to any reader who likes a warm feel good story that they kick back and relax with this book for a couple of hours.

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