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True Love (and Other Lies)    by Whitney Gaskell order for
True Love (and Other Lies)
by Whitney Gaskell
Order:  USA  Can
Bantam, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

Claire Spencer has resigned herself to the fact that her life isn't all that grand. She's over thirty with no relationship in sight, has a mediocre job as a travel writer for Sassy Seniors magazine, and a large-boned figure in comparison to her cute friends. It all adds up to be far less than Claire had dreamed. This self-proclaimed love cynic is shocked to meet a great guy on an airplane.

While traveling to London to do research for an article, Claire meets Jack, an American lawyer working in England. The two hit it off - but isn't there always a catch? Jack is returning to London to break up with his girlfriend. Claire agrees to go out with Jack only after he makes the break-up official. The deed gets done and Jack proceeds to show Claire the lights of London, sparks flying from the first moments. Is Jack the man to change Claire's view of love? Or will Jack's ex-girlfriend get in the way of a fairy-tale ending?

This is a cute chick lit novel with a twist. Readers will immediately relate to Claire. Far from the typical protagonist, she endears herself with acerbic wit and a realistic outlook on life. The romance develops naturally between Claire and Jack, and although the situation with Jack's ex-girlfriend seems far-fetched, it adds interesting dynamics to the relationships. On many levels, this isn't just a love story. It's about Claire coming to terms with her beliefs about her self-worth.

The pacing is a little slow at first, but picks up after a few chapters. Misunderstandings beget further misunderstandings, adding humor and keeping the reader involved. E-mail conversations bring a contemporary flair and make the relationship between Jack and Claire more believable. True Love (and Other Lies) is a pleasant, easy read that is ultimately satisfying.

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