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Dangerous Deception    by Kylie Brant order for
Dangerous Deception
by Kylie Brant
Order:  USA  Can
Intimate Moments, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Billionaire securities expert James Tremaine has been running Tremaine Technologies and looking out for his younger siblings ever since the deaths of his parents twenty years ago. James has reached a successful pinnacle when he begins receiving anonymous letters saying that his parents' deaths may not have been an accident. James is determined to find out if these letters are merely a scare tactic orchestrated by some of his business competitors or if indeed, someone has gotten away with murder. If the latter, he wants revenge in the worst possible way.

Enter private investigator, Tori Corbett, whom James approaches in search of concrete answers. They might be buried in the files her father, Rob Landry, kept while working for the Tremaine family. James's plan falls flat when Tori reveals that her father recently died and that most of his files were destroyed by fire. When she offers to reconstruct the information in those lost files, James is leery about her capabilities and chooses to sever all ties. Determined to convince Tremaine that she's every bit as good as her dad, Tori begins her own search and the contacts and information she offers Tremaine convince him that she might be the right person for the job after all. Over the course of the next few weeks, as they work closely together sifting through information, Tori and James can't deny an attraction, which soon becomes as incendiary as the case they're trying to solve. In the background a shadowy killer waits to strike another lethal blow against the Tremaine family.

This is Kylie Brant's 4th instalment in her popular Tremaine Tradition series. It's every bit as exciting and well written as the previous trio. Tori and James are both rounded, believable characters and their sexual attraction sizzles. Brant does a nice balancing act between action and romance, keeping readers guessing as to the identity of the the bad guy(s). Pick up a copy of Dangerous Deception -- it's a great way to lose yourself for a few hours.

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