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Mr. Complete    by Sheridon Smythe order for
Mr. Complete
by Sheridon Smythe
Order:  USA  Can
Love Spell, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Lydia Carmichael is furious after discovering that the escort her aunt Tempura hired has fleeced her and disappeared for parts unknown -- likely some tropical island where he's laughing all the way to the bank. Tempura in the meantime, is humiliated and heart-broken that her boyfriend used her in such a manner and refuses to set foot outside her house. Lydia is determined to expose the escort service for the 'male prostitution ring' she's certain it is. The only way for her to accomplish this is by attending all Tempura's charity events in her stead. Naturally Lydia would need an escort and who better to approach than the suspect 'Mr. Complete Escort Service'?

When Luke Reynolds finds out that another complaint has been filed against his business and that the police are keeping even sharper tabs on his employee's activities, he decides to fight fire with fire. Setting aside his Boss persona, Luke pulls all the right strings to assure that he's the one escorting Lydia to charity functions. As their dates progress, and the weeks go by, Luke comes to realize that the starchy and suspicious Lydia is anything but. And Lydia soon discovers that Luke, despite his good looks and penchant for sexy underwear, is truly a nice guy with a heart of gold, as are the rest of his hunky employees.

Mr. Complete is a breezy, fast-paced and enjoyable story. Sheridon Smythe does rely on one too many coincidences to keep her plot rolling along, but her charming and very likeable characters (both lead and secondary) more than compensate, in situations that are often laugh out loud funny. If you're in the mood for light, entertaining reading, Mr. Complete will capture your complete attention for a few hours.

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