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32AA    by Michelle Cunnah order for
by Michelle Cunnah
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2003 (2003)
* *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

Emma Taylor wakes up on her thirtieth birthday expecting her live-in boyfriend Adam to propose. What she finds is a note on the dining room table about a breakfast meeting. She stumbles across a Tiffany's receipt for twenty-five thousand dollars and walks on air in anticipation of a proposal during her birthday dinner that evening.

But the day doesn't turn out as Emma imagines. Adam, who is also her boss, first notifies Emma that she didn't get a hoped-for promotion, and then tells her that he's going out of town for the weekend. So much for her birthday dreams. Emma soon finds out that Adam is in the Bahamas with his new honey, and he asks Emma to move out as soon as he returns. But tiny Emma is not about to let Adam and his voluptuous new woman get the last word. Her large group of friends gathers around in support. She moves forward with head held high ... and she keeps running into her longtime nemesis, Jack. Is there hope for a civil relationship between Emma and Jack?

It takes a little while to get into the flow and rhythm of 32AA, but it turns out to be an entertaining romance. Emma is a cute, spunky woman who is understandably insecure. The daughter of a plastic surgeon, she is forever being told by all of her dad's friends that she should consider breast enlargement. The anxiety about her figure translates into every area of her life, particularly her relationships. Unfortunately, Emma's whining and insecurity got on my nerves after a while. Also, most chapters begin with a 'To Do' list written by Emma, which includes spoilers regarding what is about to happen - a few surprises are let out too early.

The pace picks up about halfway through as Emma becomes more independent and discovers some things about herself. She learns who her friends are and that she has more strength than she realized. And the sexual tension between Jack and Emma will make readers turn pages just to see if they will ever make that connection. Overall, 32AA is a charming chick lit offering.

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