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Where Is He Now?    by Jennifer Greene order for
Where Is He Now?
by Jennifer Greene
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2003 (2003)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Jeanne Claire Cassidy has spent almost half her life asking herself why Nate Donneli dumped her (via a note) weeks after their high school graduation. He effectively broke her heart and her spirit. When former class nerd Arnold Grafton contacts Jeanne and asks if she'd like to be part of their 15 year class reunion committee, Jeannie realises this may be her one and only chance to find out what's become of Nate -- and to ask him face-to-face why he dumped her.

Nate is shocked when Jeanne shows up at his busy classic car dealership. He's also surprised to discover that fifteen years haven't erased his feelings for her -- she's still the love of his life. Logically he knows he did the right thing in letting her go. When Nate's father died suddenly, leaving behind a young wife and family, it was up to Nate, as the eldest son, to keep the family and their struggling business together. His own dreams of studying architecture at college became secondary. After the birth of his daughter, they were forgotten altogether.

Jeanne's initial meeting, to see what had become of 'the guy most likely to succeed' confirms to both Jeanne and Nate that they never fell out of love. They begin seeing each other again, (despite hectic work schedules and the fact that Nate is trying to catch an embezzler - a plot extra that seemed superfluous). Jeanne realises this might be her only chance to settle things with Nate and finally confront the many insecurities she's been carrying around since the day he write her that short note. She's sure of one thing - she has no intention of letting Nate walk away again.

Jennifer Greene writes an engaging second chance at love story. Her characters are nicely rounded and a fun secondary romance develops between Arnold and Jeanne's best friend, the colourful, outspoken Tamara. Where Is He Now? takes a perceptive look at how our decisions shape our lives and the lives of others. The author also points out that it's okay and maybe even necessary to pursue our dreams, no matter what those dreams may be.

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