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Who Will Take This Man?    by Jacquie D'Alessandro order for
Who Will Take This Man?
by Jacquie D'Alessandro
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2003 (2003)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Meredith Chilton Grizedale's stellar reputation as Society's most skilled matchmaker rests entirely on the forthcoming marriage of Philip Whitmore, Viscount of Greybourne. His appearance at the alter on the precise date specified is the only remedy Whitmore's ailing father will accept to a decade of his errant son's gallivanting among ancient ruins and dusty antiquities. But when Philip announces that there's an Egyptian curse on his head and on any woman foolish enough to marry him, his 'specially selected' bride-to-be runs screaming in the opposite direction. Meredith's hard won career suddenly lies in shambles. How in the world shall the 'Matchmaker of Mayfair' find another bride for a Viscount who's suddenly become the most unmarriageable man in all England?

Philip cherishes his life of freedom and adventure but also wishes to make amends to his demanding, now ailing, father. Marriage is out of the question however until 'the curse' is broken and it's once again safe for a female, any female, to come near him. Unfortunately, when he meets matchmaker Meredith - more determined than ever to find him a wife and restore her reputation (curse or no curse) - Philip's theories crumble to desert dust. Meredith too, finds herself strongly attracted to the dashing, mysterious Viscount despite more practical inner voices that caution her otherwise. Once the pair admit their mutual attraction they, and a close circle of friends, work together to locate an ancient tablet that will break the curse and allow them to live happily ever after.

This is a brisk, enjoyable, well-written and fun-filled tale. Jacquie D'Alessandro has created two very sympathetic characters in the independent and strong-willed Meredith and the heroic, honor bound Philip -- each works well off the other although at times Meredith comes across as a touch too bossy. There are no real surprises of course, ancient curse or not, but the author's fresh and often funny style does a lot to help readers overlook the odd inconsistencies. Who Will Take This Man? is a worthy gem that will leave readers scouting the shelves for more of Jacquie D'Alessandro's stories.

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