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Kiss Me Once, Kiss Me Twice    by Kimberly Raye order for
Kiss Me Once, Kiss Me Twice
by Kimberly Raye
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Rashmi Srinivas

Daughter of a rabid and vocal womanist, Skye Farrell grew up absorbing her mother's values. Today her 'Girl Talk' seminars are extremely popular with Dallas professional women who want to learn all about the mysteries of sex. While her sexpert's career is going great guns, Skye isn't feeling very fulfilled in her personal relationships. She's always attracted to manly men (the rough and tough) but since she's the ultimate girly girl (frills, dresses and Barbie), it never seems to work.

At a wedding, Skye meets the ultimate macho man, the sexy, legendary NASCAR driver, Clint 'Cowboy' MacAllistar. In the prime of his life, Clint's happily retired and his ambition is to make his team the best on the race circuit and marry a woman who shares all his sports interests. Only things aren't going according to plan his hotshot driver isn't winning, and the lady of his dreams turns him down because of their lackluster sex life.

Skye and Clint make a deal she'll teach him all there is to know about making and keeping a woman happy in bed, and in return he'll teach her to develop an interest in what men generally like - wrestling, fishing etc.. So begin funny, intense, sexy and entertaining lessons. The pair fight an overwhelming attraction, determined to resist as they know that great sex isn't the only basis for a lasting relationship. Or is it?

This story is both hilarious and exciting. While the plot line is extremely thin, the characters are touchingly real. In particular, we can related to Skye's dilemma about whether to be herself or what her mother wants her to be. Her profession (teaching women all about sex) is an unusual one. She tries to be professional, but somehow these sessions always get unruly. And it's a twist that Clint, the ultimate alpha hero, is the one hankering for a ring and 'forever after' while Skye is not.

But the focus of the story is on the tantalizing 'sex lessons' that Skye gives to Clint. While titillatory in nature, they provide readers with useful and creative information. Texas-based Raye also succeeds in adding a delightful and authentic tangy Texas flavor to the story. An outgoing romantic comedy, Kiss Me Once, Kiss Me Twice is a charming read.

Note: This book will be available in February 2004.

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