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Get Some Love
by Nina Foxx
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2003 (2003)

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* *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

Angelica Chappee is devastated at the death of her beloved Pop-Pop, the grandfather who raised her after her parents died. Not yet twenty-one, she is now all alone in the world. Summoned to the office of her grandfather's attorney the day after the funeral, Angelica is astonished to find out he was a multi-millionaire. Watching his videotaped will, she is flabbergasted at what she must do to inherit the money. Her grandfather's explicit instructions are that Angelica must lose her virginity -- within the next six days.

Angelica cannot believe that her adoring grandfather, who sheltered her from every male she attempted to date in high school, is asking this of her. But her desire for a bright future, one that includes college at Julliard, drives her to try to fulfill the demands of the will. Can she overcome her fears and do the deed? Does she really want to? Juan Delgado, heir to a dry cleaning empire, has arrived in Louisiana. His heart is not in the family business; all he really wants to do is play his saxophone. When he catches a glimpse of Angelica, it is love at first sight. They see each other on a few other occasions. Will the two ever connect?

Get Some Love is a light-hearted romance, with comedic moments. The reader's heart goes out to this poor, vulnerable young woman, Angela. She's thrown into a difficult situation immediately after losing the anchor in her life. Every attempt to lose her virginity is met with obstacles, many of them laugh-out-loud funny. Angelica does learn a great deal about herself through the process. The secondary story involving the pastor of her church, his wife and stepdaughter make for a bit of intrigue and keep the plot moving.

The conclusion of the story is ultimately satisfying, but I was disgusted with Angelica's grandfather through most of the book. Losing someone you love is devastating enough without having to 'prove' that love to win an inheritance. The plot regarding the will just fell flat with me. But readers who enjoy a good romance will not be disappointed with Get Some Love, despite its shortcomings. The love story is sensual and nicely developed. Readers will delight in Angelica and Juan's relationship and cheer for the evolution of their love.

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