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Out of Sight
by Cherry Adair
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Ivy, 2003 (2003)

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* *   Reviewed by Liz Cooper

A.J. Cooper has worked hard to shed the beauty queen reputation that has haunted her since childhood, when her mother dragged her to one beauty pageant after another. Those were her mother's dreams, not hers. What A.J. really wanted was to follow in her father's and brother's footsteps, and become an operative for the anti-terrorist agency, T-FLAC.

When she finally gets the chance to enter the academy, she is determined to exceed everyone's expectations, and she succeeds by being at the top of her class. Despite all her other talents, it's A.J.'s sniper abilities that really make her stand out. Combined with her fiery hair and fashion model looks, this makes A.J. the perfect person to take down Fazur Hessan Ali Raazaq, one of the FBI's most wanted for his acts of worldwide terrorism, and known for his attraction to red-headed American women.

Kane Wright is a legend at the T-FLAC training academy. Known for his ability to blend in to the scenery, his detached calm, and his fearlessness, he's one of the best operatives around. But, still carrying around the guilt that comes from losing men under his command, Kane has spent the last two years working alone. When he's instructed to take beautiful A.J. Cooper along on a dangerous and critical mission in Egypt, every instinct screams no.

The opportunity to kill Raazaq arises immediately - and A.J. freezes. All her training seems wasted. Having been shot during a training exercise a few months earlier, A.J. was shocked to find that the experience stayed with her, and impacted what should have been one of the most exciting moments of her career. Will Kane trust her to finish the job, or will he pack her bags and have her shipped home to the desk job that would await her? And when it's discovered that Raazaq's next terrorist act is more heinous than anything imaginable, will Kane and A.J. work together to stop a madman bent on world domination?

Out of Sight is a wonderful example of true romantic suspense. The situations A.J. and Kane encounter on their mission are terrifying and charged with an intensity often found only in action movies. The tension between the two characters starts out sizzling, and rapidly grows to a flame of gigantic proportion. As A.J. and Kane fight their growing feelings for each other, they must also fight against a terrorist and his men, and the obstacles that the Egyptian landscape throws their way.

At a time when terrorism is a worldwide concern, the author provides an in-depth look at the operatives that work to keep madmen such as Raazaq from carrying out their plans. Often frightening and even a little grotesque in its descriptions of torture and death, the novel is nevertheless, realistic. And at its heart is a love story, which is powerful enough to cast a glowing, optimistic light on an otherwise harsh and terrifying topic.

Though the fourth book in the Wright Brothers series, this episode can also stand on its own. Readers will want to pick up the first three books in the series, however, as each brother promises to be as charming and interesting as Kane Wright. A captivating and gritty novel, Out of Sight will delight those who enjoy their romantic suspense with a touch of harsh realism.

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