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Where's My Hero?    by Lisa Kleypas, Kinley MacGregor & Julia Quinn order for
Where's My Hero?
by Lisa Kleypas
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2003 (2003)
Paperback, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Rashmi Srinivas

In Against All Odds, mathematically inclined Lydia Craven decides to marry for security rather than waste time waiting for Cupid's arrow to strike. This not only distresses her romantic mother, but also infuriates the handsome family doctor, Jake Linley, who desires Lydia for himself. But he feels that he has nothing to offer a rich man's pampered daughter. His frustrations manifest in the form of sarcastic remarks and burning kisses which leave Lydia breathless and angry. Will this Miss Lydia Logarithms realize the truth hidden behind the fašade of Jake the Rake, before it's too late? Lisa Kleypas brings back many characters from previous successful books in this charming story. The leads are opposites, who misunderstand each other. But of course love soon wins the day.

In Midsummer's Knight, Scottish princess Kenna is shocked when Stryder, the brave knight who proposed to her in lovesick letters, denies knowledge of her in real life. This is because it was actually Simon of Ravenswood - a landless knight who's Stryder's best friend and right arm - who answered all her letters. But Simon's past experience, as well as the disparity in their social status, prevents him from signing his name. Now, about to lose his ladylove, Simon has to fight the toughest battle of his life - against his own friend. Who will win? Kinley MacGregor brings back a beloved character, Simon of Ravenswood, from her novel Master of Desire. Misunderstanding, love and lust abound in this romantic historical tale. The quixotic knight Simon is sure to win the hearts of many damsels.

In A Tale of Two Sisters, it's Ned Blydon's turn to decide to marry for convenience rather than love. And of course, Cupid strikes Ned just days before the wedding, when he falls in love with his soon-to-be bride's younger sister! Ned suffers silently. Will this story have a happy ending? Julia Quinn brings back the charming character of Ned Blydon from her book, Splendid. Familial obligations and love create chaos in this passionate story. Absurdity and silly verses lighten up the atmosphere of a tale where blissful romance takes the day. Ned is the most delightful hero.

Three of today's most popular romance authors have each contributed a story of mistaken identities and erroneous alliances to this delightful anthology, Where's My Hero? They're all historical anecdotes, all have returning characters from the authors' previous books, all have misunderstood and gallant heroes, and ultimately romance always takes the day!

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