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Does She Or Doesn't She?    by Alisa Kwitney order for
Does She Or Doesn't She?
by Alisa Kwitney
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2003 (2003)
* *   Reviewed by Rashmi Srinivas

Delilah is a totally disorganized person, and the mother of a socially inept young daughter who is developing a suspicious interest in witchcraft. With the nanny/housekeeper on leave, her husband is becoming more and more fed up with living in a human pigsty. But her job as a trial scriptwriter demands that Delilah spend productive hours watching a mind-numbing daytime soap, in order to figure out its complicated plot and then try to come up with something stellar to make even the jaded audience sit up and take notice.

Delilah's poetic nature and bohemian soul - all but obliterated by her humdrum martial life - blossom whenever she lays eyes upon Ford the sexy young plumber. And fantasize she does, creatively and sensuously. But things are not normal, even for this chaotic household. Does it really take so long to fix a few leaking pipes, even for an inept plumber like Ford? Is Ford really a plumber? And why has Delilah's hitherto placid husband developed mood swings? Has Delilah suddenly become accident-prone or is someone deliberately trying to kill her? Skeletons come tumbling out of closets when she tries to figure it all out.

With books like The Dominant Blonde and Till the Fat Lady Sings, Alisa Kwitney established herself as an author who never fails to entertain her readers and she continues to do so in Does She Or Doesn't She? The plot is silly and complicated and filled with surprises. It is hilarious to watch scatter-brained writer Delilah trying to cope with the vagaries of daily life. Her frustrations, fears, longings, fantasies, and even the chaos in her home, are things which most married women experience at one time or another. This romp is a delight to read.

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