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A Little Christmas Jingle    by Michele Dunaway order for
Little Christmas Jingle
by Michele Dunaway
Order:  USA  Can
St. Martin's, 2014 (2014)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Here's a sweet story guaranteed to get you into the holiday spirit, complete with endearing characters and animals as well as an important message about how some treat our four legged friends.

During his time working for the Animal Cruelty Task Force, Officer Jack Donovan has seen a lot of cruelty but his current case involving a pit bull puppy is by far the worst. Committed to getting the badly hurt puppy the best care, Jack rushes the little fellow to Kat Saunders' clinic/shelter. She's as determined to save little Jingles as Jack, but informs him that the puppy will have to undergo weeks, if not months of treatment and therapy.

Once the media get hold of the story, it takes off; everyone wants what's best for little Jingles. Donations and offers to adopt pour in. Kat however, isn't thrilled with all the publicity. She's still trying to clear various negative accusations against her and her clinic, all of which she vehemently claims are unfounded.

Once Jack learns of Kat's legal troubles he's the first to step in and help. Not only is she a top rate vet, she's also fiercely adamant about stamping out animal cruelty. That he's attracted to her only complicates the situation, but Jack decides that might be a good thing and asks her to help him out with a personal matter. He needs a pretend girlfriend for family holiday events.

Jack's help in clearing up her legal matters is welcome, but does Kat really want to get involved with a man who hates Christmas and who has absolutely no interest in a long-term relationship? She already has enough troubles!

I thoroughly enjoyed this old-fashioned romance as well as the message the author includes about animal cruelty. Let's hope it resonates not only during the holiday season but throughout the year!

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