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Crave the Night: Midnight Breed    by Lara Adrian order for
Crave the Night
by Lara Adrian
Order:  USA  Can
Delacorte, 2014 (2014)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Vampires and humans are living side by side but their continued peaceful co-existence is tenuous at best. The Order has spread their ranks around the planet, policing two species that are barely tolerant of one another and on the brink of war. That another enemy of the Breed, the Atlanteans, have shown their hand only adds additional tension to an already explosive global situation.

Nathan is the most lethal of his kind; a GenOne Breed created in a laboratory from the DNA of one of the original alien invaders who had crash-landed on Earth millennia ago. He'd been bred solely to become an emotionless killing machine. For him his mission and its successful completion meant the difference between life or a hideous death at the whim of his power hungry creator - until Nathan was rescued from his cruel and bloody existence by his birth mother.

Twenty years have passed and turned the teenaged assassin into a commanding and key member of the Order. His current assignment involves locating a businessman. The Order is certain he has connections to the Atlanteans and knowledge of their ultimate agenda. But after a fleeting encounter with a young woman born to the wealth and privilege of the Darkhavens, Nathan's mission takes a back seat to his suddenly voracious emotions, feelings he can't seem to control around the enticing Jordana.

She finds herself equally drawn to the powerful warrior, despite her soon-to-be-announced engagement to another Darkhaven male. Jordana can't seem to stop thinking about Nathan and the kiss they shared. Both want to explore their sizzling and out of control attraction. But when shadowy enemies sweep Jordana into their secretive world, whatever future she and Nathan might have had could be forever lost.

Adrian's storylines and her world building are always engaging; she never fails to take each instalment in this series to another entertaining level. Crave the Night is no different. Her last couple of books, however, have shown much less emotional scope. In this instalment in particular, I'd hoped she would delve further into Nathan's stark and emotionally crippled character, but instead Adrian merely titillates with clichÚd dominant/submissive sex scenes. Disappointing, but as a whole Crave the Night entertains.

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