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My Spy
by Christina Skye
Order:  USA  Can
Dell Island, 2002 (2002)

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Annie O'Toole and Sam McKade have spent an idyllic week together on Sam's boat in a quiet California cove. But once their torrid interlude is over, each returns to their respective jobs: Annie as manager of her family's secluded resort, and Sam to his business dealings in Mexico. The next time Annie sees Sam it's on live television as aerial cameras zoom in on his life-and-death struggle to stop a runaway school bus. Sam saves the children but is badly injured in the resultant crash. The moment the drama is over, any news of 'America's New Hero' is suddenly off-limits. Not even Annie's sister, a best-selling author with certain connections in Washington, is able to dig up information about Sam's whereabouts, or even to discover if he's dead or alive.

When a high-ranking Admiral asks Annie to oversee Sam McKade's recuperation under a strict code of secrecy, Annie wants to refuse - Sam had lied to her about everything. But when the Admiral reveals that Sam is suffering from amnesia, Annie realizes that what they shared no longer matters - she'd only be doing her job as one of the country's top therapists. Keeping their relationship strictly on a patient / therapist level, however, isn't so easy. As Sam works mercilessly to regain control not only of his battered body, but of the dangerous memories locked away in his mind, shadowy enemies begin their own campaign to stop him from revealing what he knows. Sam must not only try to remember who is trying to kill him, and why; he must also protect Annie from his enemies as well.

Last year's Going Overboard was the first in Christina Skye's romantic adventure series featuring hard-edged military heroes and the equally dedicated professional women with whom they fall in love. My Spy offers another engrossing and spicy read. Annie and Sam are well-rounded and winning characters. Sam's amnesia is of course an old story ploy, but Skye makes it work with the help of good writing and additonal engaging resort guests. There is Izzy, in a repeat appearance from Going Overboard, and a man with many talents and his own secretive military past. There is also a laconic sheriff, an aged yet still glittering movie star, marauding bunnies and last but certainly not least, Annie's outrageous sister, Taylor. She adds lots of laughter and real zest to the cast as she helps her little sister Annie adjust her conventional thinking about how best to seduce a man who can't remember their torrid affair. Taylor is scheduled to star in her own story in early 2003. We can hardly wait!

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