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Going Overboard    by Christina Skye order for
Going Overboard
by Christina Skye
Order:  USA  Can
Dell, 2001 (2001)
Hardcover, Paperback

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Carolina Sullivan is one of the best freelancer photographers in the business and her job takes her all over the globe. At the moment she's on a working holiday on a luxury cruise liner sailing the Caribbean. After proclaiming the male model hired by the ad agency a total disaster, Carly and her best friend (and assistant) frantically search from deck to deck for a suitable replacement. Just when they believe it's hopeless they spy the perfect man making a leisurely exit from the pool. Navy SEAL Ford McKay, misunderstands Carly's offer as a sexual overture and crisply informs her he 'doesn't bed down for money'. When he finds out his mission is to protect Carly and her assistant, (daughter of a prominent governor), and that both women are likely targets of terrorists, McKay must not only come to grips with having been tagged as a 'high society baby-sitter', but must also find a way to get back into Carolina Sullivan's good graces.

With deadlines looming, Carly, too, is forced to swallow her pride and mend fences with McKay, anything to get the arrogant man to pose for her. No one is more surprised than Carly when McKay agrees to her offer. Of course she has no idea that after their initial meeting McKay received explicit orders from Washington to give Carly 'whatever she wants, whenever she wants, however she wants'. An attack that leaves her wounded forces them into seclusion, and has her questioning her protector's claim about being a simple rancher. McKay's continued suspicious and sneaky behaviour only heightens her misgivings about him, yet neither can deny their out-of-control attraction for each other. But can McKay identify and stop the bad guys trying to kill them before he and Carly have a chance to explore what they've found together?

In Going Overboard, veteran author, Christina Skye, has again chosen to step away from her popular Draycott Abbey series and try something different and a bit more light-hearted. As always she's peopled her story with a strong female lead and the ultra-arrogant male who's brought to his knees by love. Despite the light-hearted tone, she makes her characters work to find happiness, and, as with all her stories, leaves readers closing her book with a smile of satisfaction.

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