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Springwater Wedding
by Linda Lael Miller
Order:  USA  Can
Pocket, 2002 (2001)
Hardcover, Paperback, Audio, CD, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Maggie McCaffrey and J.T. Wainwright have a past history - a painful one that Maggie would rather forget. The last time she saw J.T. he crashed her wedding and tried to convince her she was marrying the wrong man. But his dramatic proclamation of love came far too late. Maggie sent him away and married a man she'd ultimately divorce.

Almost a decade later, Maggie and J.T. are both free and back home in Springwater, Montana to start new lives. Maggie is totally committed to restoring the old stagecoach station and turning it into a thriving bed and breakfast, while J.T. focuses his energies on getting the family ranch up and running after years of neglect. Neither of them has the time or the inclination for romance - particularly one that has a good chance of leaving them as shattered as the first time. But friends and townsfolk think otherwise. They see what Maggie and J.T. both vehemently deny - that they're still carrying a flaming torch for each other. Speculation runs rampant as to how long it'll take before the two of them get back together. And in a small and intimate town like Springwater, Maggie and J.T. aren't able to avoid each other for long before realizing their long-ago passion is indeed burning as bright and hot as ever.

Veteran romance writer, Linda Lael Miller, presents another enjoyable tale centering on the town of Springwater and its colourful citizens. She does a commendable job of showcasing her two leads and their tentative re-acquaintance, more so on the part of Maggie than J.T. who quickly, and finally, realizes he and Maggie were meant to be together. Miller doesn't only rely on their re-kindled romance to keep things lively and interesting and proceeds to weaves in not one, but multiple sub-plots. Springwater's grizzled sheriff, a confirmed bachelor, is also walking the romance trail. When cattle rustlers strike and put local ranchers up in arms, he enlists ex-cop J.T.'s detective skills to help him track down the brutal gang, who might possibly be the same bunch responsible for the murder of his father years before. Meanwhile, Maggie comes to the aid of a pair of young newlyweds who are facing their own emotional mine field and may hold the key to the identity of the rustlers.

Springwater Wedding is not Miller's best work, but overall delivers an enjoyable tale of re-discovered love - with a bit of adventure thrown in. It's another fine addition to her continuing Springwater series.

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