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Still Mr. and Mrs.
by Mary McBride
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2002 (2002)

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

When Secret Service agents, Bobby and Angela Holland, are apprised of their new assignment, they take the news in stride. As government agents they go where they're told, no questions asked. But when they find out they'll be working together undercover as husband-and-wife housekeepers guarding Margaret Riordan (aka 'Crazy Daisy'), the President's crotchety and demanding mother, both agents go ballistic.

On paper they are still legally married, but emotionally and physically, they're a million miles apart. Oh sure, they're still both crazy about each other, but that's beside the point! In fact, just to assure herself that Bobby Holland isn't the only man on earth, Angela was about this far away from accepting Rod Bishop's marriage proposal. Rod just happened to be Hollywood's most eligible heart throb. It wasn't his star status that impressed Angela. What mattered to her was that Rod carried his heart on his sleeve, even broke down and cried sometimes. Very unlike her soon-to-be-ex. If Bobby Holland even had a heart, Angela was certain it was made of ice cold stone - a fine attribute for a steely-eyed secret service agent, but not a husband.

Once settled in Crazy Daisy's home, Angela keeps busy trying to find ways to avoid her husband. Bobby on the other hand, decides to use their forced proximity as a last ditch effort to win back his wife, to show her that she's the only woman he would ever love, now and for all eternity. He'd spent the last eleven months talking to the agency shrinks about expressing his emotions hadn't he? After a lifetime of being the 'rock' in his dysfunctional family, it was going to take a little more time for him to learn how to wear his heart on his sleeve. Ange just didn't get that. But Bobby is determined to show her. And if she even thought about walking down the aisle on the arm of 'Mr. Movie Star Candy-Ass Pretty Boy Bishop', she'd be doing it over Bobby's bullet-riddled body!

Wooing and winning back the affections of his stubborn wife gets pretty tough while trying to jump through Crazy Daisy's demanding hoops and at the same time trying to figure out who wants to do her in. Will Bobby and Angela be able to salvage their precarious marriage before mysterious foes make their move? Or will their mission to keep the President's mother alive, and most importantly, their personal mission of the heart, somehow go terribly wrong?

Mary McBride has enchanted legions of romance readers as a regular contributor to the Harlequin Historical line. She recently broadened her scope, and most assuredly her readership, with releases in the Intimate Moments line as well. Still Mr. and Mrs. is her first foray into mainstream contemporary romance, and while the plot is somewhat reminiscent of the movie Guarding Tess, Ms. McBride's compelling characterizations, great dialogue, heart-wrenching emotion and broad brushstrokes of often laugh-out-loud humour, rocket her plot to new and delightful heights. This is one book that romance fans should not overlook!

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