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Virtual Warrior
by Ann Lawrence
Order:  USA  Can
Dorchester, 2002 (2002)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Virtual Warrior falls into a genre of book I don't usually read - Paranormal Romance. But Ann Lawrence's first and second novels in this series, Virtual Heaven and Virtual Desire, captivated me. The author's soaring imagination has created a land beyond ice fields, and in this third entry she continues the story of this mystic realm.

Virtual reality game owner Neil Scott decides that life at the Jersey shore has nothing to offer him. So he waits for the perfect time, a time of conjunctions in the heavens in the game of Tolemac Wars, to enter the game and become part of a new world. Neil changes his name to Lien as he saves Ardra from outcasts. Ardra and Lien must fight evil as well as their desire for each other. They are helped on their quest to find the Vial of Seduction by Nilrem, a venerable wiseman. Their search leads them to the land of Tangled Wood and a quagmire that I despaired they would survive.

Lawrence has a way of writing with a sense of stifled humor that is delightful. She also manages to place you smack dab in the middle of the scenes you are reading about, as though you actually witness the action. Her moments of lovemaking are gentle and passionate. Overall, Virtual Warrior is good read from a prize winning author.

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