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The Wife Test    by Betina Krahn order for
Wife Test
by Betina Krahn
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 2003 (2003)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

When the scheming Duke of Avalon is unable to meet a ransom demand set against him by King Edward, he's at his wits end until he concludes that the solution to his difficulties lies cloistered behind the walls of the Brides of Virtue Convent in France. Who will question his claim to have sired a few illegitimate daughters and whisked them away to be raised in relative obscurity behind the walls of the convent -- along with a healthy church donation of course. The King dispatches his most trusted knight, Sir Hugh of Sennet, to deliver the young women to London for immediate marriage to nobles of his choosing.

Chloe of Guibray has lived at the Brides of Virtue Convent since birth and has become a valued assistant to the formidable Abbess. As far as the dour old woman is concerned, Chloe has found her life's work behind the convent's walls keeping accounts and records. But Chloe would like nothing more than to escape the cloister, discover her true lineage, and raise a family. When she learns of the imminent departure of four of her young friends, she vows that one way or another she'll leave with them -- this might be her one and only chance at a real life.

Sir Hugh of Sennet would rather fall on his sword than escort a group of troublesome, chattering females back to England. He is sworn to the church. On the day his duty to the King comes to an end, he plans on returning to the tranquility of the monastery. The journey is plagued by misfortune. Hugh blames the women, most of all headstrong Chloe, who's constantly issuing orders and seems responsible for bringing trouble down on their heads. Her ridiculous notion to conduct a 'wife test' to assure her sisters are suitably matched only pushes Hugh's temper higher. And while he believes his greatest desire is his duty to the Church, Chloe's proximity has Hugh experiencing desire of a completely different nature -- that has him racing to confession time and again to purge his less than pious thoughts towards the alluring Chloe of Guibray.

In The Wife Test, Betina Krahn delivers a delightful sequel to last year's The Husband Test. Chloe and Hugh's battle of words and wits keeps the sexual tension high and their road to love is rocky until they finally realize they're meant for each other. A brisk and engaging plot (which includes nice touches of skullduggery by another nobleman) and well-researched historical detail add depth to this entertaining story, one that any fan of medieval historical romance will enjoy.

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