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Record Time
by Beverly Brandt
Order:  USA  Can
St. Martin's, 2002 (2002)

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Billionaire music mogul, David Gamble, head of the incredibly successful Gamble Records, is a bit taken aback when he spies a female party-goer topple out a window and take a nosedive into the shrubbery outside his office window. But once he realises the mystery woman is merely trying to flee an over-eager Willie Nelson wannabe he plays along. After shooing Bradley in the opposite direction, David has 'Kylie Magillicuddy' all to himself and the attraction is immediate and mutual. Gamble's legendary control suddenly goes up in flames and all reason is lost the moment he kisses his beautiful and mysterious guest.

Once Kylie comes to her senses, she's mortified at the turn of events. Just her luck that while innocently trying to sneak out of Gamble's luxurious mansion, she'd run into the man himself - and then play tongue tag with him! Thankfully she had enough sense before she took her leave, to lie about her last name. If David Gamble found out she was really Kylie Rogers, older sister of Robyn, who just happened to be one of his biggest selling recording artists, he'd surely think she was using him to get ahead. And that was the last thing she wanted. Yes, she needed a job, and yes, she was the untalented 'black sheep' of a family of ultra-talented artists, writers, singers and Hollywood actors, and yes, bad luck seemed to cling to her like an annoying rash. But there was no way she'd ever use her family connections to land a job, no matter how desperate she was. No way!

When her little sister, Robyn helpfully arranges for a job interview at Gamble Records, Kylie agrees to go, convincing herself that even if she does get hired, there is little chance she'll ever see David Gamble again. Gamble on the other hand, has been unable to get the tantalizing Kylie out of his mind since the night of his house party and when he discovers she's working for him, he's elated. But when acts of sabotage threaten his company, ones that somehow always involve Kylie, he begins to wonder if the kind-hearted woman, with whom he's fallen head-over-heels in love, has an entirely opposite agenda.

Beverly Brandt's had her debut in the romance scene last year with her very enjoyable first novel, True North. In Record Time Brandt once again tells a breezy story full of well-realised three-dimensional characters and a spate of amusing situations, plus a bit of mystery too. Can one woman really have that much bad luck? In real life we certainly hope not. Some of the situations Kylie lands in may be a bit hard to swallow and there may be one too many coincidences, but given the energetic, light-hearted and thoroughly romantic tone of the story, the great writing and the wonderful characterizations of Kylie and David, it's a minor quibble!

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