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Some Girls Do
by Leanne Banks
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2003 (2003)

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* *   Reviewed by Rashmi Srinivas

Having left a painful past behind, and burdened with serious financial responsibilities, Katie Collins is dependent on her job as private secretary to a wealthy but manipulative CEO. When her boss Ivan Rasmussen offers a hefty amount if she finds a husband for his not so attractive daughter Wilhemina, Katie jumps at the opportunity. At the same time, security specialist Michael Wingate is hired to act as Wilhemina's bodyguard. Katie finds insecure but kind-hearted Wilhemina a worthy project. But her first attempt at matchmaking is a total disaster which ends in Wilhemina's running away from home to Texas in search of a cowboy-knight of her own. Hot on her heels are the oil-and-water duo, Michael and Katie.

Two stories run on parallel tracks from this point on, converging only towards the end of the book. While lovelorn heiress Wilhemina has wild and delicious adventures in the rodeo state, Michael and Katie roam in search of her. Michael finds out why Katie keeps her beauty hidden and discovers her secrets. Katie unearths the deep-rooted pain that motivates Michael and makes him the serious guy that he is. While Michael and Wilhemina discover hot and spicy Texas separately, Katie rediscovers it and gradually stops blaming the entire state for the actions of a few unsavory citizens. Michael and Katie tempt each other beyond bearing, and discover the power to melt each other's defenses faster than a jet. But can this control-freak and this deliberate-plain-Jane make a go of it? Once the adventure is over, can any of the trio have a happy ending?

In Some Girls Do, Leanne Banks has crafted a story with romance, mystery, suspense, and lots and lots of heat! Though the story itself is not unusual, the characterization is outstanding. The pace is fast at times, meandering at others. It's not love at first sight for Michael and Katie, but rather a development of respect and romance. Katie's reconciliation with her past is gradual, and the result is touching. Her mother's voice, with its sassy comments and salacious advice, adds charm and humor, while Wilhemina's amatory adventures add spice and heat to a good story.

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