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A Royal Pain    by Megan Mulry order for
Royal Pain
by Megan Mulry
Order:  USA  Can
Sourcebooks, 2012 (2012)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Elizabeth Crowley

In A Royal Pain, Megan Mulry delivers a fairytale romance that readers will find royally entertaining. Bronte Talbot had almost given up on love, especially after her disastrous relationship with a sexy Texan who left her brokenhearted. So when Bronte meets a mysterious and handsome Englishmen, Max Heyworth, she is hesitant to open her heart to him. But Max holds a secret of his own. Although he appears the typical Brit living across the pond, he's the son of the Duke of Northrop. Max fears his intimidating family and title will frighten off the only woman who has ever piqued his interest.

Bronte learned a difficult lesson when she uprooted herself from New York and moved to Chicago to be with the man she thought was the one. She soon found herself alone and feeling foolish for allowing herself to dream of a future with a man who had no intention of a serious relationship. While nursing a broken heart, Bronte meets Max Heyworth. In order to protect her still aching heart, Bronte decides her relationship with Max will be as carefree as possible with no strings. Even when Max finds himself falling in love with Bronte, she remains adamant.

When Max's father suffers from a heart attack, he must fly back to England. Although he asks Bronte to accompany him, the memories of her foolish move to Chicago keep her from following her heart. After Max is gone, Bronte decides to look him up on the Internet and receives the shock of a lifetime. Not only does she find plenty of information on the one who got away, but she discovers he is the son of the Duke of Northrop. Bronte is determined to find Max, but their reunion is not what she envisioned when she finds herself the center of tabloid attention and attacked by Max's formidable mother, the Duchess of Northrop.

Royal watchers will love this enticing romance. Bronte's and Max's love story makes readers feel as if they have taken a step into the secret world of royalty. Mulry provides plenty of steamy love scenes to keep readers hooked and make them feel as if the future Duke of Northrop had swept them off their feet as well. Don't miss this incredibly romantic read. A Royal Pain is simply spendid!

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