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Fury of Seduction: Dragonfury #3    by Coreene Callahan order for
Fury of Seduction
by Coreene Callahan
Order:  USA  Can
Montlake, 2012 (2012)
Paperback, CD, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

In this third instalment in Callahan's nicely imagined Dragonkind world, the Nightfury brotherhood is once again battling the Razorbacks for supremacy of the night skies - and ultimately, the planet.

Mac, former Seattle detective, has only just learned of his real lineage and the fact that he is the last of the mythical water dragons. The former loner finds himself facing various dilemmas: trying to come to grips with his new life and working hard to become part of the cohesive team of warriors that are his Nightfury brethren. Most importantly though, he's sworn to protect Tania Solares - the high energy female is his soul mate and has come under the scrutiny of the leader of the Razorbacks.

Ivar is darkly determined to acquire the troublesome female. She will become a much-needed tool in his quest to destroy the human race, who as far as he's concerned are no better than rats overrunning a planet he fully intends to make his and the Razorbacks' own. But Ivar will have to face down Mac and the rest of the Nightfuries before he can achieve his goal.

The story gets a little overwrought at times, oddly enough due to Mac's lengthy introspections and self-doubt. Callahan also tries a little too hard with her overly cutesy phrasing. When it comes to exciting action sequences and building a truly nifty mythology, however, she's got it covered. Mac and Tania's romance, though based on the rather clichéd soul mate trope, is also enjoyable.

Fury of Seduction has plenty going for it and should keep you flipping the pages.

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