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Run From Fear    by Jami Alden order for
Run From Fear
by Jami Alden
Order:  USA  Can
Forever, 2012 (2012)
Paperback, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

First introduced as secondary players in Alden's first two books, Beg for Mercy and Hide From Evil, Talia Vega and Jack Brooks must now face their own ghosts, and more importantly their raging attraction.

Two years have passed since Talia's harrowing experiences after she fell in love with the wrong man, one who turned out to be a sadistic monster and who kept her firmly under his thumb by threatening Talia's little sister, Rosie. It was only through former Green Beret Jack Brooks' intervention that Talia and Rosie were able to escape to California. Now Talia tends bar at a trendy restaurant and Rosie attends university. Jack continues to keep tabs on both from afar, despite knowing that Talia would probably never reciprocate his love.

When someone threatens to resurrect Talia's dark past, Jack is front and center to protect his girls. Talia is far from ready to admit that she needs him, but after various dangerous incidents and renewed threats against Rosie, she has no choice but to invite Jack Brooks back into her life - and he hopes into her heart.

Alden has written another gripping romantic suspense in Run From Fear. The storyline is intriguing and fast paced, despite some recycled plot points. Talia is a bit of a let down - she spends most of the book sniping at Jack, who only has her and Rosie's best interests at heart. It makes sense she has huge trust issues after her disastrous love affair. Still, it takes her far too long to 'smarten up!' and trust a man who truly would die for her.

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