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Colorado Dawn: A Runaway Brides Novel    by Kaki Warner order for
Colorado Dawn
by Kaki Warner
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 2012 (2012)

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Madeline Wallace had long ago given up hope that her dashing husband Angus would ever give up his military career for her. Determined to put him and any hopes of a normal family life behind her, she sails to America to forge a new and independent life for herself as a photographer.

Having found the perfect home and circle of friends in Heartbreak Creek - and then a plum photographic assignment - Maddie couldn't be happier - until the day her husband tracks her down. He announces that he will soon become an Earl and that duty demands he take up his new position with his wife at his side. Hurt and angry, Maddie refuses. She has no intention of setting foot on English soil again.

Angus realises how his long absences and lack of contact has hurt Maddie. He considers himself enough of a modern man to understand that she loves her new life in America and her chosen profession. Now that his military career is over, however, his duty must turn to his upcoming position as Lord Ashby. No amount of smooth talking or cajoling will sway Maddie, however. Angus realises that his only option is to woo his wife all over again, a campaign that soon becomes one of the hardest missions the former cavalryman has ever fought.

Kaki Warner is fast making a niche for herself in historical romance. Her flair for characterizations and her unique skill in bringing the old West to life is once again evident in this second instalment of her Runaway Brides series.

Plucky Madeline is a delight as she stubbornly forges through or around all obstacles that stand in the way of her becoming a successful photographer and remaining an independent woman - and more so once errant husband Angus tracks her down. He in turn finds himself even more attracted and often befuddled by this one time British flower whose backbone and perseverance rivals that of any of the cavalrymen he once commanded.

Plenty of humorous sparring by the leads, a host of likeable secondaries (most of them characters from last year's Heartbreak Creek) and an engaging subplot surrounding claim jumpers add even more panache and colour to Colorado Dawn.

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