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The Bro-Magnet    by Lauren Baratz-Logsted order for
by Lauren Baratz-Logsted
Order:  USA  Can
TKA Distribution, 2011 (2011)
* * *   Reviewed by Wanda Plourde

Johnny Smith is not your average guy. At thirty-three he is known as a man's man. He's everything a man wants to be, minus one thing - he has no woman in his life. Unless you count his next door neighbor Sam, who by the way is gay.

Johnny loves beer, sports and his weekly poker game with the guys. He paints houses for a living. He is one of those guys with a million friends. Of course they are mostly male, and usually with wives who dislike him. Johnny has been a best man eight times. But now he wants a woman to share his life with - and, at a Mets game, he thinks he might have met her.

Helen Troy is a hot district attorney. It begins with her calling on him to paint a room in her house, then another. So Johnny takes it upon himself to become educated in the ways of wowing a woman. He seeks advice from friends and even reads a couple of books. He buys throw pillows, a new wardrobe ... and of course you can't forget the cat. He even tells Helen he doesn't like sports in order to keep her interested. But though these changes might win the girl, will they keep her?

This is what you call an OMG book, hilarious right till the end. I loved the way the story was told in first person, keeping readers in Johnny's world the entire time. The Bro-Magnet might not have an action heroine or hero, but it will keep you in stitches the whole way through. Personally I loved it.

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