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Banshee Charmer    by Tiffany Allee order for
Banshee Charmer
by Tiffany Allee
Order:  USA  Can
Entangled, 2012 (2012)
* *   Reviewed by Wanda Plourde

Kiera 'Mac' McLoughlin is a half-banshee investigator for the city of Chicago. She's an otherworldly detective whose screaming power is dangerous. After being called to a crime scene, of a second murder with the same M.O. as a previous one, Mac is starting to wonder if a serial killer is on the loose.

Her partner Amanda, a witch, wants to conduct her own experiment, which might lead them to the killer. Mac has a theory that the perp is an incubus. She heads home only to find a very good looking stranger, Aidan Byrne, sitting at her kitchen table. He tells her that he is with the Otherworldly Investigation Agency and is working on the case. Mac is leery of this man, who seems to pop up at the strangest moments. She decides she doesn't need this complication, even though she feels a strong attraction. Something does not sit right with Mac.

What a fun read, with well defined characters, lots of action, witty dialogue, smoldering scenes, and a few twist and turns throughout. Tiffany Allee takes paranormal romance to a new level of surprise.

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