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Shield of Fire: Bringer and the Bane #1    by Boone Brux order for
Shield of Fire
by Boone Brux
Order:  USA  Can
Entangled, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Wanda Plourde

Ravyn always believed her gifts a curse - in the abbey, the sisters constantly drilled that into her head. She wonders if she is some sort of demon. One night she decides to leave the abbey. She barely escapes with her life after she comes across the depraved monk Powell sacrificing her friend Angela to demon Icarus. Icarus realizes that his father, king of the demons, wants to absorb Ravyn's power in order to open the abyss of souls and control the world. Icarus plans to betray his father.

Rhys rescues Ravyn, making himself her protector. Rhys is a Bringer warrior, sworn to protect humans from demons. He knows that Ravyn has Bringer powers but not their extent. As they travel together, Rhys teaches Ravyn about her powers and her self worth starts to build. Rhys begins feeling emotions that have been buried for centuries, and Ravyn learns what it is to fall in love. She is not sure what to do with these feelings since they are new and overpowering.

I found this book like a roller coaster, the first hill climbing slowly, with a fast and furious descent. Though the plot is great, leaving room for many more stories to evolve, I found the characters not as well formed as I would have liked. But, all in all, Shield of Fire is a good read.

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