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Silk is for Seduction
by Loretta Chase
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2011 (2011)
Paperback, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Marcelline Noirot and her two sisters own a dress shop that is successful enough to support the family, but Marcelline wants a bigger customer. She is looking to outfit the Duke of Clevedon's betrothed, Clara, who is probably the worst dressed woman in the ton. That would raise her dress shop above the others around her and eliminate some of the competition.

Clevedon was Clara's father's ward after the death of his parents and they have been promised to each other for years. They grew up together and love one another, but as brother and sister. Clara has been mourning her grandmother while Clevedon has been overseas sowing his wild oats before getting married. Clara has also been talking to other men and her mother is terrified she will fall for one of them. Clevedon's best friend Harry (Clara's brother) summons him home to do his duty and ask Clara to marry him.

When Marcelline and Clevedon meet, Clevedon is enchanted by her. Marcelline started out wanting to dress his duchess but didn't count on falling for him. She is a working class girl and it will never fly for them to have a relationship. Clevedon knows he should ask Clara to marry him but can't bring himself to do it just yet - and it doesn't help that Marcelline has befriended her. Will Clevedon ask Clara to marry him or will true love prevail?

Loretta Chase always pens wonderful stories and Silk is for Seduction is one of them. Marcelline is a feisty character who does not want to depend on a man but finds herself liking the fact that Clevedon takes care of her when different things happen. Clevedon starts out being very stiff but his soft side emerges. Supporting characters fill out the story, especially Clara who is sweet and kind. Readers will want a happy ending for all; this is a great book to read on a lazy weekend afternoon.

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