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Savor the Danger
by Lori Foster
Order:  USA  Can
Harlequin, 2011 (2011)
Paperback, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Jackson Savor desires Alani Rivers and has made no secret about his feelings. However, convincing Alani that they'd be great together isn't so easy. When he wakes up to find them both naked and sated in her bed - and with no memory of what happened - he knows something's not right. His head is pounding, and a few moments later he's violently ill.

Alani on the other hand, is furious over Jackson's apparent rejection of her. She storms out, determined to forget about the man who obviously managed to get her into bed, and once everything was said and done, couldn't stand the sight of her. Jackson is equally determined to convince her she's got it all wrong - and eventually manages to persuade both Alani and his security agency colleagues (Trace and Dare) that someone had drugged him. He's made some enemies over the course of his career, as have Trace and Dare. All of them are chomping at the bit to root out answers. Who's the target here, Alani or Jackson? And why? Whatever the answer, Jackson swears to protect the woman he loves at all costs.

Again, Foster pads this third instalment of her Edge of Honor series with far too much redundant information and dialogue. As well, the interaction between the characters, especially the leads, initially borders on juvenile: Alani flies into snits because she feels she's being left out and Jackson can't seem to keep his lust under control. The action and the plot finally pick up and gets interesting during the last half as Jackson and his two colleagues get down to the business of tracking down the bad guys. The addition of two new characters also spices things up - I actually found Spencer and Arizona more interesting than the leads by that point. Obviously, Foster is continuing her series and will be exploring their relationship in her next book.

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