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As You Wish
by Gabi Stevens
Order:  USA  Can
Tor, 2011 (2011)
Paperback, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Stevens returns to the world of the Arcani and the trials and tribulations that arise as the retiring fairy godmothers, Lily, Rose and Hyacinth, choose their replacements. In this second instalment, Reggie Scott is shocked to discover that she's been chosen to take up the second wand.

Reggie is perfectly content to live her life as a normal human running her little bakery - until the morning of her twenty-seventh birthday when Lily, Rose and Hyacinth pay her a visit and inform her that her life is going in a whole new direction. With that, the ladies vanish and leave Reggie to contemplate the big news and the fact that her parents (most especially her status seeking mother) will be over the moon once she delivers the news that Reggie has magic after all.

Jonathan Bastion has great power and wealth, but he'd give it all away to break his curse. He's certain that Reggie can help him and decides that a good old fashioned seduction is in order. But once he discovers her true nature and the way she thinks of others before herself, he quickly falls under her spell. Now he's determined to help her fly, despite the machinations of various dark forces - and most of all despite Reggie's own misgivings about herself.

As You Wish is a pleasant follow-up to The Wish List. Reggie's innocence and strong sense of right and wrong is charming, and a nod to a kindler, gentler heroine in a genre where kick butt women generally rule the day. Her relationship with Jonathan is also nicely done, although it did take Reggie a little too long to figure out the complete truth surrounding his curse. As a whole, the story's a delightful one that puts a fresh twist on fairy godmothers.

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