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Changeling Moon
by Dani Harper
Order:  USA  Can
Kensington, 2011 (2011)
Softcover, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Elizabeth Crowley

Fed up with crime and violence, Zoey Tyler accepted a position as an editor with a small town newspaper. But soon after arriving in Dunvegan, Zoey is attacked by an animal that can only be described as a wolf. Just when Zoey believes the creature with the demonic green eyes will be the death of her, a mysterious stranger appears and frightens the wolf away.

Connor Macleod arrived just in time to witness the wolf circling a frightened woman who stood on the roof of her car. Zoey is adamant that the animal was a wolf, but Connor maintains it was simply a big dog. Zoey knows what she saw, but Connor must make her believe the creature that attacked her was dog. After all, how can Connor reveal that the animal was a changeling without giving away his own secret?

Zoey's attack stirs up questions about the legend of wolves in Dunvegan and how those legends are tied to Connor's family. But Connor has other problems to deal with – like how to tell Zoey that she was attacked by a changeling and will turn into one herself on the next full moon. Connor knows which changeling bit Zoey. Bernie Gervais had recently been threatening the Pack’s secret by attacking local animals. The town was already under suspicion by those fascinated by the legend of the werewolf. After Zoey is attacked, paranormal reporter Tad Helfren arrives in Dunvegan and is determined to discover what really attacked the town's new editor. When Zoey refuses to add fuel to the fire by revealing her suspicions of what attacked her, Helfren will go to any means to discover the truth.

When Connor realizes the danger Bernie poses to Zoey and the Pack's identity, he removes all changeling powers from him by injecting him with a large dose of silver nitrate. After Bernie appears to be completely mortal again, Connor believes the danger is past. But when Bernie reappears as an even more powerful changeling, Connor must find a way to reveal his secret to Zoey before the next full moon. Mortals who are bitten by a changeling are bound to their maker forever. But Bernie is no longer simply a rebellious changeling. He has transformed into something more evil than Connor imagined possible. As Connor finds himself falling for the pretty editor, he struggles to reveal not only his real identity, but also the horrible fate that awaits her.

Changeling Moon is a fun and quick read. I especially enjoyed the anticipation building up to Zoey's transformation and how Connor would reveal Zoey's fate to her. The book ends with a heart stopping face off between Zoey, Connor, and Bernie. Though I'm more of a vampire fan than a werewolf fan, Changeling Moon made me an instant fan of Dani Harper.

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