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Staying At Daisy's    by Jill Mansell order for
Staying At Daisy's
by Jill Mansell
Order:  USA  Can
Sourcebooks, 2011 (2002)
Hardcover, Paperback, Audio, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Daisy MacLean manages a hotel in the English countryside owned by her father Hector. Daisy's husband Steven was killed in a car accident, and she discovered he had been having an affair with a younger woman. The woman was with him at the time of the accident but was not seriously injured. Now Daisy is wary of men, finding it hard to trust again. When rugby star Dev Tyzak arrives at the hotel for a wedding, sparks fly between the two, but a little voice is telling Daisy to run. Daisy is finding Dev hard to resist. She is soon helping him pick out a dog from the local shelter, and little Clarissa is working her way into Daisy's heart.

Daisy's best friend Tara works as a chambermaid at the hotel. Tara is unlucky in love and dreams of becoming part of a couple. When her ex boyfriend Dominic arrives at the hotel for his wedding, she assures Daisy there is nothing to worry about as she has been over him for a long time. Dominic has plans of his own, however, and naive Tara once again falls for his sweet talking charm. The hotel is a busy place, and no one presents themselves as they truly are. Everyone is hiding something and Hector is no different. He has been leading a secret life with Tara's Aunt Maggie, and supporting her financially when he visits. When a super star arrives at the hotel, she is attracted to Hector. He immediately puts Maggie on the back burner, but she refuses to stay there.

Barney, a young man who is employed at the hotel as a porter, is the recipient of one of Steven's kidneys. Daisy adores the young man and is happy with his work. He is new in town, and has fallen for a young single mother. He rents an old cottage and begins working on it and they move in together. Daisy is glad to see he is building a life for himself, but when she is invited to their home she is shocked to see who Barney's mate is. If that were not enough, she finds Steven has left a little something behind. Staying At Daisy's is a fast moving, funny, story. It reads like a romantic comedy, and is filled with loveable, colorful characters who have mix-ups and misunderstandings.

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