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Against the Fire: The Raines of Wind Canyon    by Kat Martin order for
Against the Fire
by Kat Martin
Order:  USA  Can
Mira, 2011 (2011)
Paperback, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

This second instalment in Martin's series, featuring three brothers who make good after a hardscrabble childhood, moves from Wyoming to Dallas, where a firebug targets Gabriel Raines' construction sites.

After finishing his stint in the Marines, Gabe heads to Dallas to work construction and is soon running his own company. Over the years, he garners a good reputation and very likely a few enemies. When a fire razes a site close to completion, the police soon have a teen in custody who'd been charged with setting a previous fire. The fact that he'd been spotted observing his probable handiwork, only strengthens the case against him. However, Angel Ramirez swears he didn't do it. When Mattie Baker, a volunteer at the local Family Abuse centre and vocal champion for Angel's innocence, proves his claims, the investigation starts from square one.

Gabe immediately finds himself attracted to Mattie and her fierce determination in all she does. She's just as attracted to him, though inwardly warns herself to take it slow, having been recently burned by her long time boyfriend. Soon she and Gabe are having a fiery affair, while at the same time trying to track down the arsonist, who's escalating and who, it's soon clear, has a deadly grudge against Gabriel Raines.

Martin reveals the identity of the arsonist a little too early, but otherwise presents a nicely paced mystery, as well as a hot, if rather predictable romance between Gabe and Mattie. Youngest brother Devlin's involvement looking for clues also sets things up for his upcoming story. Against the Fire will provide you with several pleasurable hours of reading entertainment.

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