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Call Me Irresistible
by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Order:  USA  Can
William Morrow, 2011 (2011)
Hardcover, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Meg Koranda has spent her entire life trying to live up to the perfections that are her parents, both entertainment legends. Even her two younger brothers are overachievers. So why can't she find her true purpose in life? It's a question she, and many others, have been trying to answer for years. Meg wants to keep searching, but unfortunately, everybody else has given her an ultimatum. No more money, no more free room and board, no more anything until the free wheeling, live-day-to-day, globetrotting Meg decides to grow up, stand on her own two feet and make her mark in life.

Heading back to the States to attend her best friend's wedding will decimate what little is left in Meg's bank account and very likely leave her stranded with no back-up plan, but she doesn't care. She's determined to convince her friend Lucy Jorik (a former president's daughter) that marrying Ted Beaudine (Wynette Texas's all around Golden Boy) would be the worst mistake of her life. Lucy finally sees the light and hightails it out of town leaving Ted, the former first family and Ted's entire contingent of fawning fans with egg all over their faces - and Meg the most despised woman in town.

Penniless, stranded and smack dab in the crosshairs of the annoyed bridegroom (and the citizenry that worships the very ground that Mr. Irresistible walks on), Meg has little choice but to settle in and confront the oncoming storm. And it's a doozie. She faces one humiliation after another as she takes odds jobs to scrape together enough cash to get the heck out of town. What she's not prepared for is her sizzling attraction to Ted Beaudine. Could this be the real thing, she wonders? Or is she about to let herself become another notch on Mr. Irresistible's bedpost?

I always manage to get well and truly lost within the pages of a Susan Elizabeth Phillips novel. Call Me Irresistible is no different. The characters shine, the dialogue sparkles, and the stubborn leads' romance smoulders, especially once they finally get around to admitting they're crazy about each other. Phillips also brings back many popular characters from previous stories. I did have one small quibble - Meg's humiliation meter was set far too high. But once she, and yes, even the perfect Ted, decide to thumb their noses at others' misguided expectations, the storyline, and their romance, rockets to another satisfying conclusion.

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