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It Happened One Bite
by Lydia Dare
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Sourcebooks Casablanca, 2011 (2011)
* *   Reviewed by Wanda Plourde

Tammy Falkner and Jodie Pearson are the writing team, under the name Lydia Dare, that penned It Happened One Bite. They made a name for themselves from a trilogy, The Werewolf Regency Series in 2010.

Blaire Lindsay is a warrior witch with fireballs in her hands. She is tough as nails and feisty as they come. With long dark hair and silver eyes, Blaire could enchant anyone, and enchant she does. She laughs at the tales of hauntings of a castle her brother inherits. The castle is big and deserted, a perfect setting for ghosts. The first night there, she hears cries for help in the deep bowels of the castle. Blaire investigates and finds a dark, handsome man trapped in a room. Questions instantly arises in Blaire's mind, along with an attraction like no other.

James Maitland, a strong, out-of-this-world-attractive gentleman vampire, has been stuck there for two decades. He wonders if he will be there forever, living a lonely existence. Suddenly the door opens and he is freed by a beautiful Scottish witch, with more attitude than he could ever understand. There is an instant connection that neither of them can explain - a hot smoldering fire that will not be put out.

Blaire has no clue to what she is dealing with. What is he? Why is he down here? And most of all, why does her heart jump into hyper speed whenever he is near? James has a lust and a need to protect Blaire, and emotions that arise with the witch, something he is not accustomed to. He has some questions of his own.

Someone or something is after the two of them. Can they stop it before its to late? Will it tear them apart? Or does destiny have something better in mind?

Blaire and Jamie heat up the pages of this book, on a strange adventure together. I read it in three hours and found it most enjoyable. If only they made gentlemen like that nowadays, women would be much happier. I know I would. This book definitely has some magic with a little bit of bite. I am looking forward to more by Lydia Dare.

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