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by Courtney Milan
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Harlequin, 2011 (2011)
Paperback, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

In England in 1837, a battle is waging for the dukedom for Parford. Ash Turner, a distant cousin of the ailing Duke of Parford, has petitioned Parliament with proof that he is the legitimate heir, leaving the current Duke's grown children with a bleak future. Ash is smart and resourceful despite his lack of education, and has accumulated a fortune. He wants to make life easier now for his two brothers, who suffered when the Duke ignored the family at a time when they were desperate.

Lady Anna Margaret remains at Parford Manor, disguising herself as a nurse to care for her sick father. Her two brothers have left to obtain votes for the next session of Parliament. Her brothers left her with instructions to spy on Ash Turner who is trying to steal their birthright. Expecting a cold, ruthless man, Lady Anna is surprised to find Ash Turner kind and caring, even though he dislikes her father. As Anna learns more about Ash and his family and how they were treated by her father, she finds it difficult to remain loyal to her brothers.

Lady Anna and Ash Turner are attracted to one another. Ash is drawn to Anna as she is strong and beautiful. He does not care that she is a servant. Anna finds that the strict social class system has her stifled, but a commoner like Ash Turner can show her true happiness .She worries that once he knows her true identity he will not want her. Ash reveals to her a secret he has kept hidden from everyone, that could result in his destruction - but he knows that at last he has found his true love.

Unveiled is a historical romance filled with sexual tension and strong characters. Readers will find Ash Turner charming and will be cheering for his future with Lady Anna Margaret, and for his position as Duke of Parford.

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