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Twilight Forever Rising
by Lena Meydan
Order:  USA  Can
Tor, 2010 (2010)
Paperback, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Wanda Plourde

Lena Meydan's Twilight Forever Rising (translated from the Russian by Andrew Bromfield) stars Darel Ericson, a vampire of the Dahanavar Clan. Darel, an empath and an oddity amongst his kind has found a human interest, Lorraine. He is enchanted by her - her thoughts are always pure and clear to him, and Darel loves this. Lorraine also falls in love with him. At first shy and scared, Lorraine grows to fully accept Darel's true nature. She is full of curiosity and wonder, and so is he.

But as their relationship progresses, problems arise with the other clans. Darel (who can sometimes read thoughts as well as feelings) is summoned to listen in on a business transaction between two clans. He has a vision that raises questions, and is not quite sure what to do with this information. Darel only has one friend whom he completely trusts, powerful mage Chris, known as a Cadavercitan. A powerful alliance between the two of them strikes uncertainty in the clans.

Readers wonder will Lorraine be used as a pawn in clan struggles? Can Darel filter what he hears in the many thoughts and feelings around him to find any deception? Will a clan war take place?

Open Twilight Forever Rising and you will soon find out. It offers four hundred pages of paranormal fantasy, dripping with intrigue, action and a bit of romance. I was spellbound by the story, which I didn't want to end. But something tells me there might be another one in the works. Great read!

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