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Against the Wind: Raines of Wind Canyon #1    by Kat Martin order for
Against the Wind
by Kat Martin
Order:  USA  Can
Mira, 2010 (2010)
Paperback, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Even as a young girl, Sarah Allen aspired to leave small town Wyoming life behind and search for wealth and privilege in the big city. If that meant shaking off the adolescent affections of no account Jackson Raines and thoroughly humiliating him, then that was a small price to pay to achieve her dreams. But she soon discovers that those dreams come with a high price. All that her great marriage has left Sarah are her murdered husband's massive debts and a mistrust of men. The only bright spot is her daughter Holly. To protect her child from the truth about her father and from his numerous business enemies, Sarah is willing to do anything - even if it means hiding out in her home town of Wind Canyon Wyoming.

Jackson Raines is not happy when he discovers that his new renter is none other than Sarah Allen. Her rejection still burns deep and should have cured him of having anything further to do with her. But the moment he lays eyes on her again, he knows he's in trouble. Rather than tossing her off his property as she deserves, he finds himself smitten with Sarah (and her little girl) all over again. Jackson wants both in his life and, with the help of his younger brothers, is more than willing to protect Sarah and her daughter from the trouble that's followed them to Wind Canyon.

Martin kicks off a brand new contemporary trilogy in Against the Wind, a nicely written and briskly paced story set against the modern backdrop of Wyoming. The author throws one too many problems in Sarah's way as she and Jackson work desperately to try to unravel the mess that's become her life. Despite the busy plotline however, there's a believable romance between the leads as both face their stormy past and give in to mutual attraction. Martin wraps everything up in a nice tidy bow and leaves readers anticipating brothers Gabriel and Devlin's stories.

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