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Tempted by Fate: The Guardians of Destiny    by Kate Perry order for
Tempted by Fate
by Kate Perry
Order:  USA  Can
Grand Central, 2010 (2010)
Paperback, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

As hereditary guardian of the third earthly element, wood, as well as one of the Scrolls of Destiny, Willow Tarata hasn't had an easy time of it. At age ten, she watched as her mother was murdered by the mysterious Bad Man, who's after her scroll and who also wants to steal Willow's powers. Since the day of her mother's murder, she's been tracking this mystery man to even the score. But just as she is intent on her mission, so is her quarry intent on destroying her. Willow tracks the Bad Man to San Francisco only to find that she's been led into a trap; she's the prime suspect in three murders.

Detective Rick Ramirez believes Willow is guilty as sin and is determined to put her behind bars - despite his mystical grandmother's prediction that he and Willow were meant to be together. Rick doesn't believe in the elderly woman's foolishness, but as he finds himself dragged further and further into Willow's world of good and evil - and experiences her various powers, especially the relentless power of their attraction - he begins to realise that his grandmother was right about the direction his life would take once he crossed paths with the independent and tempting Willow.

While this 3rd in the Guardians of Destiny series works well on its own, you might get more out of Perry's unique mythology by reading the earlier instalments first. Willow and Rick are nicely matched, with dramatic and sexual tension high as the stubborn detective tries to wrap his head around the magical beauty he's fallen for - and the strange world she drags him into, one filled with more grey areas than he cares to admit.

Characters from the first two stories also lend a hand in finding and stopping Willow's nemesis. Perry adds more plot threads to the tale as she leads readers toward a finale that will eventually reveal all the mysteries surrounding the Scrolls of Destiny.

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