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The Long Road Home    by Mary Alice Monroe order for
Long Road Home
by Mary Alice Monroe
Order:  USA  Can
Mira, 2010 (1995)
Softcover, CD, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Nora MacKenzie's life is in financial ruins after the death of her husband Michael. He committed suicide in the president's office of the Blair Bank in New York City, after being refused his request for a loan. Michael and Nora had lived the good life, spending freely. Michael made a fortune in his financial dealings on Wall Street, but then his world started to collapse around him.

Their marriage had been failing for a few years, and Nora knew there had been other women. Now she is left to pay off Michael's debts, and all she holds dear, her home, furniture, and art, will be auctioned off. The one thing she managed to hold on to is their farm in Vermont, where she is hoping to start over and make a living for herself. People think she is a spoiled princess, but Nora is not afraid of hard work.

The farm manager, Charles 'CW' Walker, is a handsome, hard working man. He is willing to teach Nora everything she needs to know about sheep farming. CW is very mysterious, not wanting to talk about himself or his past. But, like Nora, he too has run away from a life in New York City to start over. Nora knows CW is too smart in money matters to be a farm hand, and she feels he knows more about her life then he is letting on.

Slowly Nora feels that she is getting her life back together. She is attracted to CW, but is afraid to open up her heart again to another man. When Nora's home in the country is vandalized, she realizes the intruder is after some very important papers that Michael had hidden away. With CW's help Nora puts the pieces of Michael's life together and by doing so CW's true identity is revealed.

The Long Road Home is full of real life characters, with a plot that gets better with each page that you turn.

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