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Unforgivable: A Tracers Novel    by Laura Griffin order for
by Laura Griffin
Order:  USA  Can
Pocket, 2010 (2010)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Dr. Mia Voss is a DNA expert who works at the privately funded Delphi Center. Her involvement in various high profile cases has earned her a sterling reputation among Texas law enforcement agencies.

Detective Ric Santos knows first hand how tenacious Mia is when it comes to her work and finding that elusive clue that will nail a suspect; she's helped him out with DNA evidence on various cold cases. The fact that he found himself becoming increasingly attracted to Mia doesn't sit well, however. He'd sworn off relationships long ago and seriously avoids anything that even resembles one. Getting romantically involved with Mia is simply another emotional disaster waiting to happen. But when she's involved in a deadly carjacking, Ric's carefully laid plan flies right out the window.

At first Mia figures it was just pure bad luck that her late night craving for ice cream resulted in her being abducted by a gun-wielding lunatic. When threats against her and members of her family force her to destroy her reputation, she and Ric both realise her ordeal wasn't merely a case of bad luck - the incident is somehow connected to not only a a string of recent unsolved murders but also one of the many cold cases Mia is investigating. Unfortunately, it might already be too late to discover the truth - a mysterious killer has her firmly in his sights and won't stop hunting her until she's no longer a threat.

Laura Griffin is a romantic suspense author who attracts more readers with each new release. Her latest Tracers novel is no exception. She hooks readers with another puzzling murder mystery, intersperses just the right amount of procedural information, offers a sizzling, multi-layered love story, and doles out enough of a secondary sub-plot to set things up nicely for the next Tracers instalment.

Don't start reading Unforgivable unless you're prepared to finish it in one sitting: the storyline and its various twists, turns and surprises, as well as Mia and Ric's romance, won't let you go until the last page.

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