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Crave: Fallen Angels Book 2    by J. R. Ward order for
by J. R. Ward
Order:  USA  Can
Signet, 2010 (2010)
Paperback, CD, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Newly turned angel Jim Heron has barely tested his wings after saving his first soul when his heavenly handlers announce that he's going back down to Earth to save someone else. They are unable to disclose who, as per the rules set down by God, but Jim soon figures out it has to be a former military colleague.

Former black ops soldier Isaac Rothe wants to believe that he has a shot at outrunning his dark past. The knowledge that he's a marked man for daring to defy his former Xop commander, Matthias, doesn't make staying under the radar easy. When Isaac is arrested, he knows he's blown it. With his real name back in the system, it won't take long before one of Matthias' assassins finds and eliminates him. But when court-appointed defender Grier Childe takes on his case and steals Isaac's heart, the die is cast for a series of confrontations that could see both of them dead - and Isaac's soul claimed by Jim's arch nemesis, evil demon Devina.

Not only is Isaac trying to find his way out of the chaos of his former life; reluctant saviour Jim is also trying to figure out the rules of gamesmanship in this celestial war of good vs. evil. The battle of wills between him and uber-demon Devina is as much a part of the plot as Isaac's determination to escape his past. Grier too, must face shattering family secrets that involve her father and his association with Matthias and his ilk. There's also nice by-play with Jim's two sidekicks, Adrian and Eddie, who each have their own set of secrets.

Despite unnecessary chapters that don't add much to the plot, and Isaac making some poor choices in his quest to evade Matthias, Ward spins another dark, complicated and gritty tale in Crave, a story that will leave fans craving more of the same.

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