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The Perfect Love Song    by Patti Callahan Henry order for
Perfect Love Song
by Patti Callahan Henry
Order:  USA  Can
Vanguard, 2010 (2010)
Hardcover, CD
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Jimmy Sullivan and his older brother Jack play in a band called The Unknown Souls. Their life consists of touring one city after another, hoping for their big break. When they head home to Palmetto Pointe, South Carolina, Jimmy meets Charlotte Carrington and falls in love.

Inspired by his love for Charlotte, Jimmy writes her a song called, The Perfect Love Song. Charlotte is brought to tears when she hears it for the first time. While on the road the song soon becomes a big hit, and Jimmy is offered to play alongside top country stars in the business. As the tour picks up speed Jimmy sees less and less of his family and Charlotte. Soon even phone calls become sporadic, as Jimmy is drawn into the lifestyle of a star.

Jack and his fiancée have set Christmas Day for their nuptials in Ireland and Jimmy vows he will be there as best man for Jack. When Jimmy is offered the chance to perform at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan on Christmas Eve he decides to accept. After telling Jack of his change of plans, the wedding party head to Ireland with heavy hearts and an empty seat on the plane.

As Jimmy wanders the streets of Manhattan, alone on Christmas Eve, he begins to realize the damage he has caused by his greedy decision. Christmas is a time for family, and loved ones and he should be in Ireland with his. Christmas is a magical time, filled with angels and miracles and Jimmy receives help from above to reunite him with his family. The Perfect Love Song is filled with warmth and hope to give you a sense of the true spirit of the season.

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