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A Chesapeake Shores Christmas    by Sherryl Woods order for
Chesapeake Shores Christmas
by Sherryl Woods
Order:  USA  Can
Mira, 2010 (2010)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Megan O'Brien and her husband Mick were having problems in their marriage, so she left Mick and her five children and began another life in New York City. She worked in an upscale art gallery and hoped her children would join her once she got settled, but they chose to stay with their father. Megan needed to gain independence and get away from her controlling husband, even though they were both still in love with each other.

Now, twelve years later, Megan and Mick are back together. They feel they have worked out their differences and are ready to start again. All of their grown children are happy with the news except Connor, the youngest. Connor felt abandoned and betrayed by his mother and does not want to see his father hurt again. Connor is a divorce lawyer, trying to do right for wronged Dads, but even his own relationship with his live-in girlfriend is on the rocks as he cannot make commitments.

Megan is upset and determined to postpone their New Year's Eve wedding until she can convince Connor that circumstances have changed for her and Mick. Handling everyone's mixed emotions has taken a toll and now the art gallery that Megan wanted to open in town has hit a wall. Nothing seems to be going as planned. On Thanksgiving Day, with all the family together, a delivery is made to the O'Briens that leaves everyone stunned. Megan feels that this is her opportunity to help out Connor and get him to see her perspective. The O'Brien family needs a miracle to save them but Christmas is the time for goodwill and blessings.

A Chesapeake Shores Christmas is another book in the O'Brien family series. Though in emotional turmoil, this family is willing to work through their problems, and stand united.

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