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Wicked Delight of a Bridal Bed    by Tracey Warren order for
Wicked Delight of a Bridal Bed
by Tracey Warren
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2010 (2010)
Paperback, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Lady Mallory Byron is coming out of her year of mourning the loss of her fiancÚ Michael when her family decides to throw a house party for their friends. But Mallory does not feel like being social. She is still sad from losing Michael in battle and can't sleep at night without nightmares.

Adam, Earl of Gresham has come for the party. He has been friends with the Byron brothers for years and has secretly loved Mallory since she was sixteen. But when she was betrothed he stepped back, thinking he had lost her forever. He will not let her go again but is going slowly, so she can mourn her fiancÚ. He has been able to talk her into leaving her room for dinners and going riding with him.

Mallory has enjoyed riding with Adam but feels guilty about her feelings for him. He has been sensitive, loving, and at time overbearing and Mallory can't stop thinking of him. One night when she is having nightmares, he lies down with her and they are startled when someone knocks on the door. Since Mallory has been compromised, a wedding is quickly arranged. Adam thinks that she can learn to love him as much as he loves her; Mallory is in love with him but can't bring herself to admit it until her past collides with her future.

Wicked Delight of a Bridal Bed brings a new twist to a storyline that has been seen before. Adam and Mallory have always had feelings for each other and these are reawakened when they start spending time together. It is also a pleasure to revisit Mallory's brothers to see how their lives are progressing. Tracy Warren created a series that will not soon be forgotten with the Byron siblings.

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